Saturday, June 15, 2019 to Sunday, June 16, 2019
Powerhouse, Moscow

In the framework of the UK-Russia Year of Music 2019, a series of Selector Live parties presented the first-ever Moscow showcase of the online radio station Worldwide FM, founded by the famous broadcaster and DJ Gilles Peterson.

The showcase was held on June 15 at Powerhouse Moscow. It featured live performances and DJ sets by both British and Russian musicians. Gilles Peterson has invited some of the most exciting new UK talent to join him at the event, together with some of the most interesting Russian artists on the scene currently. The event culminated with Gilles Peterson playing an hour-long DJ set. 

The next day at 4 pm, Gilles gave an open interview at the Sila Vinyla market at the Powerhouse club. As founder of Worldwide FM radio, Brownswood Recordings label and an avid record collector, he spoke about his creative endeavours whilst selecting songs from his favourite records. 

Worldwide FM

Established in 2016, the award-winning online radio station Worldwide FM investigates and promotes exciting underground music from around the world. The motto of Worldwide FM, which focuses on young musicians, is ‘to explore and tie together the shape-shifting diversity of global music’. As part of the Moscow showcase, Worldwide FM will air a series of shows dedicated to Russian musicians, which will be recorded together with the Moscow-based online radio station New New World. 

Gilles Peterson 

54-year old Gilles Peterson is best known as a radio presenter, a journalist, a DJ, a festival curator, a record label boss — in short, one of the most famous tastemakers in the world. Gilles can be compared to legendary presenter John Peel in shaping the musical tastes of several British generations. In his popular three-hour show on BBC Radio 6, he builds bridges between jazz, soul, funk, house, drum&bass and hip-hop, and gives a significant platform to young artists. The label Brownswood Recordings, launched by Gilles Peterson in 2006, became a symbol of quality to anyone who values ardent groove and performance mastery. Last year, Brownswood’s compilation of young British Jazz, We Out Here, became one of the most prominent albums of 2018.  

UK artists at the Worldwide FM showcase in Moscow 

Skinny Pelembe

Songs by singer and guitarist Skinny Pelembe are a perfect example of cosmopolitan music that Gilles Peterson promotes with his Worldwide FM Radio station. Skinny Pelembe was born in Johannesburg, and grew up in Doncaster. His music features the African groove and echoes  British psychedelia, while the lyrics explores painful topics — xenophobia and racism, which the author experienced personally. 

Emma-Jean Thackray

A graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy Emma-Jean Thackray is lauded as one of the brightest young jazz artists in the UK. Emma-Jean Thackray sings and composes music, plays the piano, trumpet and flugelhorn, is the bandleader in her own jazz ensemble and collaborates as a composer with the London Symphony Orchestra. She is also a DJ and hosts a show on Worldwide FM. 

Elsa Hewitt

Elsa Hewitt has not yet turned 30, but her portfolio contains about a dozen albums. Hailing from East Sussex, Elsa began writing songs when she was thirteen, before moving to Leeds where she found a like-minded musical community. Now based in London, Elsa independently composes and writes ‘outsider pop’: songs with catchy melodies and dance electronic beats, but with an obligatory break inside and without intention to conquer the charts.  

Global Roots

The presenter, promoter and DJ Thris Tian has been hosting parties for many years in East London, championing artists from across genres and backgrounds. He was one of the founder members of Boiler Room, which has grown into an international brand. In recent years, Thris Tian has collaborated with Gilles Peterson and Worldwide FM on his new brainchild, Global Roots. Starting as a party at the famous Plastic People club in London, Global Roots has become a multi-platform project that includes radio shows, pop-up shows, film screenings and much more. 

Tash LC

London based artist Tash LC has quickly established herself as an assured DJ and presenter. A host of Worldwide FM, she is known for her powerful radio shows and fiery DJ sets featuring the widest range of music with African influences, from expert jazz to kuduro and gqom rhythms. 

Russian artists at the showcase

Day programme:

  • Lapti 
  • Riddim Research Lab / Live
  • Lay Far 

Night programme:

  • Hipushit 
  • Raumskaya (Hyperboloid) / Live
  • Locked Club (Private Persons)
  • Hespermen (Private Persons) 
  • Karolina BNV 
  • Marauder Disco
  • Algorythmik
  • Nastya Mikhailova 
  • Guy Dee
  • Saburov (Hyperboloid)