Actress, Nabihah Iqbal, Iglooghost
Friday, June 28, 2019 to Saturday, June 29, 2019
Dom pechati, Ekaterinburg

The 4th Ural Music Night festival is annual event in the musical and cultural life of Yekaterinburg that involves over 2500 artists performing in different music genres at 100 stages for 1 night – June 28.

This year Dom Pechati is proud to join UMN with a special selection of young gifted and unique electronic acts of UK origin residents of legendary label Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder.

Ekaterina Keilman, the executive director of Dom Pechati and Tele-Club is planning to gather on one stage such bright artists as Actress, Iglooghost and Nabihah Iqbal with their DJ Sets.

The headliner of the Ninja Tune Night at Dom Pechati is Actress, the resident of Ninja Tune label who has once given up his career of a professional football-player and has now become among top 15 most recognizable young acts on the techo-stage of UK.

Nabihah Iqbal is an example of a modern educated and cosmopolitan female artist, she has worked both on her thesis in history and debut EP in South Africa, mastered the art of karate and collaborated with Chinese artist Zhang Ding. Her music is an eclectic cocktail of ethic vibes and a genuine night club dance atmosphere.

Iglooghost is a young but promising resident of Ninja Tune's sub-label – Brainfeeder.

His music is recognized by the independent online medias to be one of the wildest on the electronic stage of the 21 century. Flying Lotus, who is among the most influential and mysterious artist of the modern era prophesies Iglooghost to become the second Aphex Twin.

Ninja Tune Night at Dom Pechati is part of the UK-Russia Year of Music 2019 and is supported through the UK-Russia Year of Music Grant Scheme for organisations.