Saturday, October 5, 2019 - 19:00 to Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 01:00

On Saturday, October 5th, ‘Tkani’ will present a sonic route through the rooms of Mutabor – from electroacoustic experiments and musique concrete via IDM to rethinking the popular dance culture, from classical instruments to modular synthesis, from organic lights to algorithmically engineered hypnosis.

The first section of ‘Tkani’ explores electroacoustic sounds with live performances by avant-garde cellist and composer Lucy Railton, who is combining experimental electronic and electroacoustic practices with modern classical composition, and live-loop saxophone player and composer Ben Vince, who is radically changing the perception of saxophone sound. They will be sharing the stage with the local collective KP Transmission presenting an electronic live performance and Mamba's (a resident DJ at Moscow's Rabitza) enchanting DJ-set.

The second part of ‘Tkani’ will appear more radical and dazzling thanks to the range of artists exploring the newest media in their music practice. The section will open with a mind-bending commissioned performance by Moscow media artist Ratmir Vanbuuren Taruts who will bring a totem made of Funktion-One to the main floor of Mutabor for his performance. Later Jung An Tagen & Rainer Kohlberger will present their new A/V performance premiered at Berlin’s Funkhaus while Moscow’s experimental producer INFX of GOST ZVUK family will be presenting his own new AV show specially for ‘Tkani’.