Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 23:00 to Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 03:00
Strelka bar, Moscow

In 2019, Selector After Dark comes to the Strelka bar, Moscow. The second gig presents Danny McLewin, from the Psychemagik duet, a connoisseur of rarities and a vinyl treasure collector.

Danny loves the smell of old discs, a subtle and indescribable aroma familiar to all patrons of vintage record shops and flea markets. He had built a huge collection estimated at 30,000 discs (six tons, no less), by the time he met his creative soulmate, a zealous fanatic also obsessed with old vinyl, Tom Coveney. Together they founded the Psychemagik duet in 2009. Having joined forces, Danny and Tom began to fish out various commercial flops that had fallen into time’s dustbins and were supposed to disappear there — forgotten samples of soul, funk, disco, yacht rock, beach pop and other old junk.

Psychemagik gave these tracks a second life, transforming them into bizarre and eccentric dance compositions. The project’s success surprised its creators. The British duo toured the whole world and released two popular compilations, Magic Sunset and Ritual Sunsets. They were hunted by label Warner Music but declined, preferring their freedom and independence. During DJ sets, Danny McLewin pulls out an unpredictable mix of records in a huge mix of genres, from bossa nova to progressive rock. Like King Midas, under his hands each disc, in its dilapidated envelope, turns into clubbing gold. 

Selector After Dark

Selector After Dark is a London-based radio show of British music. Selector After Dark also continues the Selector Live parties, which have been showcasing the most interesting musicians, producers and DJs from the UK across the world for several years.  A series of Selector After Dark Beefeater Sessions are planned during the Year of Music in Moscow bar "Strelka" and "Kuznya" in St. Petersburg.