Photos provided by "Soyanka" gallery
Saturday, March 30, 2019 to Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Solyanka Gallery, Moscow
Artist: Cameron Graham
Curator: Sasha Elina
Architect: Gleb Moskovkin

"The Poet Mechanic: Contact Results in Contagion" is a music, living sculpture and installation project by British artist Cameron Graham. Exploring the concept of "liminality", the ritual of transition from one state to another, the exhibition revolves around the autonomously sounding musical object — the “Poet Mechanic" — a hybrid instrument borne out of extreme transformations of the classic vinyl player. A traditional medium becomes a strange almost living mechanical performer that interacts with numerous resonant objects placed around it. The installation, combining sound, sculpture and transformed space, will take the audience through a ritual process that addresses the relationship between the human and nonhuman, the mechanical and the poetic

Cameron Graham (UK) is a composer and artist creating concert and performance installation works for instruments, remade instruments, crooked media, hand-built devices and bodies. His music grapples with questions around ritual and intoxication, assemblage, immersion, the liminal, and ambience  —  uncovering different ways in which to accentuate an immediacy between the making and receiving of music. Recent pieces and projects have been created for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Tzlil Meudcan International Festival, Music Space Architecture Festival in Moscow, Cadogan Hall, the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (for Manifeste+IRCAM), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, the United Instruments of Lucilin and the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, amongst many others. From 2018-22, he is an AHRC and SWWDTP PhD funded scholar, working between the universities of Southampton and Bath Spa in the U.K..

"The Poet Mechanic: Contact Results in Contagion" is part of UK-Russia Year of Music 2019 and is supported through the Grant scheme for Russian organisations.

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