Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 19:00
Italian courtyard of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

The first concert - Mad Songs - will be dedicated to the musical genre of the same name that originated during the Stuart Restoration. The songs evidence the incredible interest which the English in the 17th century considered mental disorders and sleepwalking. One of the popular entertainments of that time was observing the patients of the Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam).

The Mad Songs programme shows the heyday of the genre: songs by Purcell, Dowland, Eccles and their contemporaries, as well as the extremely expressive 20th century mad songs: Eight Songs for the Mad King (1969) by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. The fascination with the borderline states of the human psyche, first manifested in the mad songs, was embodied three centuries later in the expressionist paintings of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and their followers.

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John Eccles (1668–1735)
«Restless in Thought»
«I Burn, My Brain Consumes To Ashes»  (from "Don Quixote" by Thomas d'Ufri) 
Henry Purcell (1669—1696)
«From rosy bowers»  (from "Don Quixote" by Thomas d'Ufri) 
Daniel Purcell (1664 —1717)
«O ravishing delight» 
Henry Lawes (1596—1662) 
Daniel Purcell (1664 —1717)
«Morpheus, thou gentle god»
Henry Purcell (1669—1696)
«From silent shades» («Mad Bess») 
Peter Maxwell Davies (1934—2016) 
«Eight Songs for a Mad King» (1969). Lyrics by Randolph Stowe and King George III 


Yulia Mikkonen (mezzo-soprano)
Olga Filippova (harpsichord)
Marcus Farnsworth (bariton)
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MASM)