The King's Singers. Credit: Rebecca Reid
Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 20:00
Big Hall of the Philharmonia,St. Petersburg

The oldest Philharmonia in Russia, the St. Petersburg Philharmonia, will host The King’s Singers as part of their ‘Gold: 50th anniversary season’ festivities. This year-long tour celebrates a long and accolade-filled history, in which The King’s Singers sextet have sought to increase the popularity of ensemble singing amongst the wider public, performing specially-commissioned pieces from the world’s top living composers just as artfully as bespoke arrangements of popular music. 

In St. Petersburg, the ensemble will perform a programme drawn from the 1986 album ‘The Beatles Connection’, fulfilling their mission of both entertaining and educating their audience, and providing something expected and unexpected at the same time.

About The King’s Singers:

The sextet is said to be one of the best vocal ensembles worldwide. What they offer is masterly. Tireless and with perfect concentration […] they perform each genre with precision and appreciation for the diverse characters of the music.” Volksfreund, June 2016

"It is also the joy in doing... what they do that lends conviction to their singing." Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, February 2018