Monday, October 28, 2019 - 19:30

How does one make contemporary classical music interesting for a wide range of audiences? Gillian Moore, Music Director and Curator of the Southbank Centre’s Classical and Contemporary Music program in London, talked about innovative educational programs and the modernization of concert activities, the possibility for the symbiosis of classics and other musical genres, and the reclamation of gender and racial balance in contemporary classical music. A special place in the Gillian Moore's lecture was allotted to her last brainchild: a book about Stravinsky’s music, The Rite of Spring — Music and Modernity, which has received high praise from British critics.

In 1983, Gillian Moore started to curate educational programs at the London Sinfonietta, one of the most famous chamber orchestras in the world, which specializes in new contemporary classical music and collaborates with major contemporary composers. She entered completely uncharted ground: no one had any idea of how contemporary classical music could be made interesting to wide audiences. Currently, she is one of the world's greatest experts in the promotion of contemporary classical music. From 1998 to 2006, she was Artistic Director of the London Sinfonietta, and now she curates the musical policy of one of the best arts centers in the UK and around the world, the Southbank Centre in London. She has twice been awarded an Order of the British Empire for her educational endeavors. 

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The lecture was held in English with translation into Russian.

About the lecturer

Gillian Moore is Music Director and Curator of the Southbank Centre’s Classical and Contemporary Music program in London. Throughout her career, she collaborated with many renowned composers of our time, and has commissioned works from them. Gillian Moore was awarded an MBE for services to British music in 1994 and CBE in 2018. 

Gillian Moore was born in Glasgow and has devoted more than 35 years to the popularization of contemporary classical music among wide audiences. From 1998 to 2006, as Artistic Director of the London Sinfonietta, she developed an approach to making classical music accessible and in demand and took an active part in discussions and projects aimed at solving the problem of gender inequality.

About the moderator

Alexey Munipov is a theater and music critic, and curator of theater projects and festivals. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of the Bolshoi Gorod and Afisha-Vozdukh publications, director-editor of Arzamas, and curator of the M.Art project. Author of the book Fermata. Conversations with Composers, Munipov gives lectures and workshops on contemporary academic music. He was one of the curators of the family exhibition Playing with Masterpieces: from Henri Matisse to Marina Abramović held at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre and is curator of the educational project Yandex. Cultural Marathon that offers lessons in music, cinema, architecture, and theatre.