Friday, February 14, 2020 - 19:00

On 14 February 2020 Opensound Orchestra presents a concert of the 20th and 21st-century British music at the Zaryadye Small Hall, Moscow. The programme consists of music by Benjamin Britten, Michael Nyman and Gabriel Prokofiev. Music performed at the concert was written between the mid-20th century and today. 


Benjamin Britten — Simple Symphony;

Michael Nyman — Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings.

Gabriel Prokofiev:

  • Terra incognita Suite for string orchestra and electronics;
  • Spring Suite for string orchestra and electronics;
  • Spheres for violin and string orchestra;
  • Septet for violin, viola, cello, flute, bass clarinet, piano and percussion

Gabriel Prokofiev’s pieces will be performed in Russia for the first time. 

Britten’s Simple Symphony, op. 4,  from 1934 was composed right after his graduation from the Royal College of Music in London. The composer reuses excerpts of his own music, from works written between the ages of  9 and 12, marking in the score from which composition each theme is taken.

Michael Nyman is one of the most renowned British composers of our time. Nyman is known in Russia primarily as a contemporary film composer, but his interests are much wider, as a musicologist, music journalist and editor. Among his works there are very interesting soundtracks to Soviet silent films from the late 1920s including Sergei Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin” and Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera”. 

The second half of the concert is dedicated to music by Gabriel Prokofiev – our special guest from the UK. A grandchild of one of the major musical figures of the 20th century, Sergey Prokofiev, Gabriel’s work focuses more on electronic music and sonic experiments with acoustic and electronic mixes. All the pieces by Gabriel performed during the concert will be Russian premieres. The composer will also play the electronic parts of his pieces live with the orchestra.