Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 12:00

The Chords & Words seminars in Nizhny Novgorod will be held in the framework of the annual festival of texts about art "Vasari fest". 


  • Levon Yakobyan, musicologist, translator, head of the Department of Contemporary Problems of Musical Art of the State Institute of Art Studies, editor of the online magazine "Art of Music. Theory and History, will talk about translating texts about music. Levon is the author of the Russian translation of the legendary Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 
  • Musician, journalist Lala Kandaurova, author of the book "Half an hour of music. How to understand and love the classics", will present a lecture dedicated to the genre of oratorio, and will reveal its features using the example of "The Triumph of Time and Disappointment" – the very first work of the Baroque composer George Frederic Handel.
  • Art theorist, researcher of contemporary music and auditory culture Yevgeny Bylina will talk about the British music critic Mark Fisher, his intellectual background, also analysing why it is thanks to popular music that we can feel the "stagnant" spirit of the time.
  • Famous music critic Alexei Munipov, former editor-in-chief of the "Bolshoi gorod" and the magazine "Afisha-vozdukh", the author of the book "Fermata" and the eponymous telegram-channel, will talk not only about how academic music changed in the last century, but also what impact it had on techno and hip-hop.

In addition, the staff of the British Embassy will talk about the Chevening scholarship program, which covers all the scholars’ expenses for obtaining a master's degree in any field in any UK university.

In the evening Chords & Words programme will include a special quiz dedicated to British musical culture.

A series of Chords & Words seminars takes place in 10 Russian cities as part of the UK-Russia Year of Music. Festival curators are "Gorky" editor-in-chief Konstantin Milchin and author of the project "Otkroy Rot" Mikhail Faustov.