Friday, November 22, 2019 to Saturday, November 23, 2019

On November 22 in St. Petersburg and November 23 in Moscow, Selector After Dark Beefeater Sessions will feature Bradley Zero, founder of one of the most prominent dance labels of this decade, Rhythm Section International, and host of the NTS radio show of the same name.

Bradley Zero inherited both a profession and a sound system from his DJ father, which he used at parties at the beginning of his career. Moving from Leeds to London, Bradley Zero settled in Peckham, an area of the capital favoured by musicians and artists who have turned it into a cultural melting pot. His apartment, studio and the office of Rhythm Section International label are still based there and the free, vibrant and colourful spirit of multicultural South London finds its musical expression within Bradley Zero’s DJ sets and the eclectic catalogue of his label.

Bradley Zero began conquering London in 2009 with the Rhythm Section radio show which soon grew into a regular party at one of Peckham's clubs. A year later and it was an important part of London's nightlife. The fame of Rhythm Section led Bradley Zero to the Boiler Room team, where his music taste, flair and knowledge of the electronic underground helped the London DIY project become an internationally famous brand. He left Boiler Room in 2015 to focus on his DJ career and label which have both since flourished.Tastemakers and music lovers from all around the world now closely watch the label’s releases and Bradley Zero is a regular guest on the line ups of electronic dance festivals around the world. 'The Rhythm Section does not have a clearly defined style, but there is a mission to discover and educate new musical talents', says Bradley Zero of the label he built. The same can be said of his DJ sets which feature the musical sounds in of a wide range of genres: from jazz and dub to techno and house, little-known masterpieces by cult musicians sit comfortably alongside the latest releases of the heroes of tomorrow.