In the run-up to the Worldwide FM showcase in Moscow the radio station in collaboration with the Russian musicians issued a series of special mixes from the finest left-of-centre record stores, imprints, and Russian artists.

And in addition to the series in the aftermath of the Worldwide FM showcase in Moscow Gilles Peterson and Thristian from Global Roots made a compilation of tracks found on the Label Fair in Moscow and recordings of the showcase itself.

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Kicking off WW Moscow programming is avant-garde artist Intruist aka Jenya Gorbunov. An experimental musician, his work sits in between eras, jumping between underground Soviet-era inspired 80s sounds and contemporary electronic and band music.

At the core of Inturist’s approach is an intuitive act of creation, improvisation, work of the unconsciousness, therefore all of the concerts of the projects are different, with the different cast of musicians and instruments.

The first album of Inturist includes several spontaneously written and arranged on the fly songs about everyday life, which is run through the unconscious filters. «Командировка» (“Business Trip”) finds itself in the position of a person, who doesn’t live in a current moment, who sleeps while being awake. Maybe he is busy with some routine procedure or is on his way – not in the point A anymore, but not in B yet, therefore nowhere. In this condition a person can randomly focus his attention on the most negligible details, unwittingly expanding them to the humongous sizes, replaying same phrases again and again in his head, repeatedly move random part of the body without even realising it.

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 WW Moscow continues with a special mix from Ivan Smekalin of DIG. DIG is the independent record store run by friends and music lovers since 2010. It’s a unique community-focused space made to support local music scene by distributing and promoting new releases, booking in-store shows and developing its own label. In the shop, you can meet all music lovers, DJs, musicians of the Russian capital. 

Ivan Smekalin, co-founder of the store, carefully mixed selection of Soviet and Russian artists from different decades for this show. Ivan is a true adept of vinyl culture, who collects and plays records for a decade. Musical preferences aren’t limited to a single genre always inspiring by digging records from different places of the world.

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WW Moscow’s third show comes from Spasibo Records, a Russian label re-releasing rare Soviet jazz and soul tunes.

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WW Moscow continues with Siberia-born, Moscow-based musician and composer, Maria Teriaeva. She uses modular synthesizer, basically Buchla, as a framework of her music, combing it with acoustic instruments and voice. She starts performances from improvisation and getting to the buchla-pop format songs at the end. Her music is full of hooks and amazing finds, experiments and all new music staff in her interest, she is a part of the Keen Association, the Moscow company that produces Innovative Instrumentarium for sound and music. She is a notable name in Moscow electronic music scene.

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Global Roots Radio on Worldwide FM, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe with independent music and culture at the core. Tune in for this Russian Special with Raw Russians, Private Persons, and Gost Zvuk Records.


Raw Russian has evolved to touch many basis of the music industry and scene in Russia. Keeping sharing young and unknown Russian producers with Western listeners and moving our independent and non-commercial music as their main aim,  they are now a large advertising platform for Russian musicians and assisting them in the publication of music, PR and more.


The Moscow based record label has been on a steady ascent thanks to its concrete destroying aesthetic, culminating in a recent high point when their 006 release was given a run-out by Aphex Twin at Coachella. Hespermen is a DJ & selector, successfully hiding a person with a decade of dj-experience and now he, who runs the label Private Persons, releasing a bunch of killer stuff lately. As since first drop in 2016, Private Persons has become an essential source of techno, electro and more, with cuts from the likes of Florian Kupfer, Jensen Interceptor, Assembler Code, Maelstrom, London Modular Alliance, Art Crime and new names like a Locked Club, XAN, Voin Oruwu, Formally Unknown etc. We bring you PRIVATE PERSONS, with label head Hespermen & label artists — breakout Russian electronic punk duo Locked Club.


Gost Zvuk is an internationally acclaimed independent label and collective based in Moscow and run by Ildar Zaynetdinov aka low808. Its main goal is the representation of the most vital artists from Russia and ex-USSR which are quite established locally but still remain unfamiliar to the rest of the world. Operating since 2014, it has already grown into the important creative community shaping the Russia of today – with almost twenty records in their back catalog, numerous label showcases in the hometown and beyond.

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Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. This episode is dedicated to the Russian music scene as a part of the UK- Russia Year of Music 2019. Thris Tian also presents the highlights of live performances by Skinny PelembeEmma-Jean ThackrayElsa Hewitt, Riddim Research Lab along with his Global Roots Russia selections. Dasha has also prepared an hour-long mix for this edition.


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Gilles Peterson shares with us the best of his finds from the Label Fair at Powerhouse Moscow. From the folk music of Georgia to a Russian cover of Fela Kuti’s Zombie this mix demonstrates the diversity of musical styles created throughout the former USSR.

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