Richard Frostick in Chile

The British Council World Voice programme trains teachers to use singing in the classroom to develop a child’s musicality, enhance learning across the curriculum and learn about the world and other cultures through song.

As part of the 2019 UK - Russia Year of Music, UK Trainer Richard Frostick will work with Russian primary and secondary school teachers to introduce them to World Voice techniques that support language learning and creative classroom and behaviour management through song. 

Teachers will be trained during a number of sessions across 2019 and 2020.

The programme has the project management, educational and strategic support of Letovo School, a new and innovative non-for-profit school located near Moscow. This is the first time the methodology will be taught in Russia, following its application in the United Kingdom and successful projects in fourteen other countries across the world, including Nepal, Sudan and Greece. To date, the project has benefited over 8,000 teachers and over 500,000 children across the globe.

More information on this programme will be made available soon.