Deadline: 1 July 2019

This grant scheme is for Russian organisations who wish to present UK music of any genre in Russia between 1 September 2019 and 29 February 2020.

It is open to:

  • state and independent concert halls

  • philharmonias and conservatoires

  • theatres

  • clubs and bars

  • independent agencies and promoters

  • state and independent music festivals

  • other cultural institutions with music programmes (e.g. museums and parks)

  • orchestras, ensembles, artists and artists collectives with event management experience who wish to organise a UK music performance

Grants are available for:

  • concerts, performances, operas, DJ-sets, music installations and other types of events (of any genre) taking place in Russia that will involve inviting and collaborating with UK musicians, groups, conductors, orchestras, composers etc, as the main element of the planned activity. Multiple performances are encouraged
  • the commission of a new piece of music from a UK composer to be performed in Russia
  • TV and radio broadcast, recordings, or live or recorded music projects promoted primarily on digital platforms.

The activity may include professional and audience development opportunities, such as conferences, workshops, public talks, exhibitions, marketing and promotional campaigns. However, live music performances must form the key part of the proposal.


  1. The activity must include live performances that showcase UK music content (this may be part of an overall programme featuring music from Russia and/or other countries), from any genre, created by emerging and established UK artists/collectives.

  2. The UK music performance in Russia should take place between 1 September 2019 and 29 February 2020.

  3. The amount of grant available is up to £5,000, depending on the scale of activity. Projects may not receive the full funding amount requested.

  4. Grants will be transferred in Russian roubles, calculated at the exchange rate of the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow on the date of signing the grant agreement.

  5. It is expected that the grant will act as co-funding, where the grant participant will cover between 25% to 50% of the whole budget from other sources (including cash and/or in-kind contributions).

  6. A budget should be provided which shows a full cost breakdown and sources of anticipated income or project support including in-kind contributions.

  7. The event must carry the branding of the UK-Russia Year of Music. The partner will be expected to market the activity effectively and may be asked to share a marketing plan demonstrating how they plan to attract a strong audience for the event(s).

Not eligible for this grant scheme:

  1. Invitations to conferences or other non-performance events, unless as part of a broader programme including live music performance, supported through this grant 
  2. Invitations to attend educational activity (e.g. courses, research, PhD or any other degree) 
  3. Support for language learning.

  • The Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy will not take responsibility for organising participant invitations or visas or any other administrative aspects of the event.

  • Organisations applying for grants should be registered in Russia and act as legal entities.

UK Artists criteria

  1. Any genre.

  2. At least several years’ experience at a professional level that has attracted demonstrable interest from the music industry in the UK.

  3. Interest in collaboration and working on new musical and creative projects with others and forging international connections to support future international working.

Selector criteria

Priority will be given to the projects that meet the conditions above, and provide:

  • a strong idea that has been clearly researched, showing how this activity is beneficial to the UK artist/professional and the Russia music sector

  • demonstrable evidence of interest from both UK and Russian partners

  • additional sources of funding identified (including in-kind support)

  • sustainable and continuing collaboration and creative and commercial exchange that will be supported by this activity

  • significant audience reach (including digital elements such as recording and broadcast, where the artistic activity (e.g. performance) is likely to be shared with a wider audience)

  • activity that includes multiple performances in various regions and cities in Russia

  • consideration to engaging artists from all parts of the UK

  • a proven track record in delivering high quality projects or events