Monday, August 19, 2019 - 19:30

Alex Baxter, programme leader for Music Technology at the University of Hertfordshire, will be giving a lecture as part of the British Council’s Selector PRO programme, in partnership with Moscow Music School.

Baxter’s public lecture will explore the existing opportunities for music producers and sound engineers to transfer their skills to a number of other connected areas within the wider music industry, from audio restoration to sound design and electronics. During the session, Baxter will identify and discuss problems that often occur within a mix, recording or production process as well as demonstrating practical ways to implement solutions and optimise audio quality. Topics covered will also include how to boost your career through various certification programmes, many of which are free. 

Lecture is free with prior registration


The University of Hertfordshire offers a range of cutting edge and experimental music and sound courses that are constantly evolving to stay on top and ahead of the industry. The University offers courses in Music Production, Music and Sound Design Technology, Audio Recording and Production, Live Sound and Lighting Technology, Song writing and Music Production, Music Composition for Film and Games and Music Industry Management. At post-graduate level, there is also a range of courses to enable further in-depth study in a number of these areas. These courses are delivered by a range of industry and academic professionals and benefit from top-class facilities, as well as offering many opportunities for future collaboration. 


The Moscow Music School is a school of modern music. It inspires and educates young new talents for successful careers in the music industry as producers, solo artists, sound engineers, managers, sound artists and sound designers.

The Moscow Music School, together with the British Higher School of Art and Design, the Moscow Film School, the Scream School and the Moscow Architecture School MARCH form the Universal University – a consortium of independent educational institutions that offer high-quality education in the creative fields. 

Their educational programme includes three courses of continuous professional development in the following specialties: Music Production, Songwriting and Music Performance, and Music Business. These courses are two years long, covering a full range of disciplines required for a contemporary music artist and music industry professional. Each is developed together with the programme leader – a musician or specialist in the music industry.


Selector PRO connects music people from around the world with specialist music experts from the UK who deliver training, share their stories and discuss local and global themes affecting the contemporary music industry. Participants include musicians, managers, producers and journalists at various stages in their careers but all interested in developing their knowledge and networks. 

Over the years, the programme has been designed to respond to the particular industry needs in a range of countries from India to Armenia. It began in Russia in 2016, originally managed by the British Council in Russia; from 2019 the programme will be delivered by the Cultural and Education section of the British Embassy in Moscow. This latest iteration of the programme will create links between UK and Russian industry and entrepreneurship, provide training and support for developing Russian musicians, managers and journalists and share professional expertise and showcase new talent from the UK.

Selector PRO takes its name from the British Council’s Selector Radio show – broadcast weekly in over 35 countries to an audience of 4 million listeners.