Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 14:00

On August 25, Perm will become the second city to host Chords & Words open seminar. During the UK-Russia Year of Music 2019, the project visits 10 Russian cities.

Chords & Words is a one-day educational musical and literary show. The program includes exciting lectures, presentations, workshops, discussions, and a mini book fair. 

In Perm, legendary composer Alexander Pantykin will give a lecture with a fascinating title "How Stairway to Heaven influenced the grandfather of Ural rock". Vladimir Martynov, an advertising specialist, will talk about how music changed the British and then the global advertising industry. Then we will gather Ural rockers for a round table discussion "City and City" during which they will discuss the old days. Finally, the one-man orchestra, musician, singer, artist Sergei Pakhomov (Pakhom) will talk about what happiness is and whether it is connected with music.

The event will be held on the territory the Shpagin’s factory (letter A) in the framework of a large city festival "Genius of the place".


14:00  — Chords & Words opening

14:15  — Vladimir Martynov (Yekaterinburg) “Advertising that sings”. From British classics to Russian post avant-garde.

15:00  — “The City and the City. Perm and Ekaterinburg: local specifics of musical space”. Round table. Participants: Alexander Pantykin (composer, Ekaterinburg); A. Elsakov (promoter "Promo bureau "Tesnota", Ekaterinburg); V. Soldatov (musician, "Gorodok Chekistov” band, Ekaterinburg), S. Dukhin (culturologist, musician, Perm), M. Kodolov (jazz promoter, Perm).

16:00  —"How Stairway to Heaven influenced the grandfather of the Ural rock" lecture by Alexander Pantykin. 

17:00  — Chevening scholarship program presentation

18:00  — “How to become rich and happy after death” lecture by Sergei Pakhomov.