Simon Fisher Turner

Mute (Goldfrapp, New Order, Apparat)

Simon Fisher Turner (AKA the King of Luxembourg and Deux Filles) is renowned for his film soundtrack work which started in collaboration with Derek Jarman, for whom he scored many feature films and more recently Fisher Turner composed the score for restorations of three silent films, winning a prestigious Ivor Novello Award for the soundtrack to The Epic of Everest.

Simon Fisher Turner’s collaborations have seen him performing live with Factory Floor and with the artists Ashley Paul and Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor / Carter Tutti Void) and Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tomoyasu Hirano.

In 2016, The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger was released, a five year long project by Tilda Swinton, Colin MacCabe and Christopher Roth, produced by the Derek Jarman Lab in Birbeck University of London, in collaboration with Simon Fisher Turner who scored the piece.

Simon Fisher Turner will release his latest album in March 2020 on Mute, a collaboration with the artist and author Edmund de Waal.

Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons)

Lex Records (DOOM, Dangermouse, Neon Neon)

Andrew Hung’s musical path continues to be paved by strange and wondrous markers. His first work of significance came with Fuck Buttons, a technicolour kraut noise two-piece of which he was a founder. They released three behemoth albums that were met with universal critical acclaim. Their music was featured in the opening sequence of the Olympics in London 2012, they went on to headline Glastonbury’s Park stage and toured the world non-stop.

Around this time Hung began a relationship with Jim Hosking, a little known director at the time until his debut film “The Greasy Strangler”. Hung’s soundtrack was proclaimed a triumph, sync’ing seamlessly into Hosking’s deranged worlds that hid deep pulsating hearts. This relationship developed and Hung continues to work with Hosking creating his otherworldly universes; their latest film “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn” continues to win plaudits. Most recently, Hosking has pushed this form into extreme directions with the hyperactive “Tropical Cop Tales” TV series debuting on Adult Swim.

Hung has recently begun a foray into his own solo work. Incorporating all the worlds he’s been part of, his music celebrates the joyous relationships we don’t control. Realisationship was released on Lex Records followed closely by it’s sister album Realisationship instrumentals, the album is the latest marker showcasing Hung’s astral musical path, one in which he continues to push for the outer limits of both his inner and outer space.


The State51 Conspiracy (Guillemots, Wire, Psapp)

AGAMA’s music arises from stories and exploration. Feeling silenced by a society that continues to oppress marginalised people, AGAMA found inspiration for her debut EP, ‘Safe in Noise’ in the voices of female black writers - Maya Angelou, Kimberle Crenshaw, Alice Walker and Dionne Brand - who awakened her understanding of her history.

AGAMA is the alter ego of London-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cassandra Gurling. An emotionally charged, musically rich fusion of jazz, electronica and soul, AGAMA references both European and Afro-Caribbean choral traditions while exploring themes of expression, justice and empowerment.

AGAMA released her debut EP on 14 February.